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Reiki Certification Course


Usui Reiki is an ancient healing practice that originated in Japan. Reiki is a non invasive therapy which involves channeling universal energy to restore harmony in the energy field in order to boost the natural healing process. Reiki can be performed with or without physical touch and aids in relieving tension, pain and stress.

Course Description:

This course is broken down into 3 sessions of attunement; Reiki l Reiki ll & Master (Reiki lll). Each level of attunement has a focus of use. Reiki l is an introduction to the energy and the foundation of the course. You will learn tools and opportunities to use Reiki in your day to day life. Reiki ll is a deeper connection to the energy, gaining tools to use the energy as a practitioner and a source of healing for others. Master (Reiki lll) is the final channeling of the Usui Reiki energy, the practitioner will gain the tools to heal from a distance and attune others. Upon completion of this course, 30 case studies, you receive a certificate through Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy.